Tech Series - Large file uploads with Java Spring and the Apache Commons FileUpload Streaming API

The Tech Series articles are aimed at anyone interested in Software development and deployment from beginners to professionals. In this article we explore how large file uploads can be efficiently handled using the Streaming API of the Apache Commons FileUpload library. A typical use case could be to allow a user to upload a large file to your website which would then be persisted in cloud storage such as Amazon S3 Simple storage using a file stream.

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Speaking @ NDC Olso 2017

Back in March I was delighted that Initial Spark was accepted to speak at NDC Oslo, which turned out to be one of my favourite conference experiences so far this year. Having been to NDC London I was really impressed with the whole conference setup and came away very refreshed and this was no different at NDC Oslo. It was great catching up with people having met them earlier in the year. The overflow room was awesome as you could watch multiple talks at once!! At NDC Oslo I spoke about GraphQL which is a new technology for building efficient API’s.  

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Introducing the Initial Spark Blog!

Welcome to the Initial Spark Blog, our new blog which we’re going to use to keep everyone up-to-date with what is going on at Initial Spark and also to share our thoughts and advice on software development and all things technology related.

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