Here at Initial Spark™ we specialise in software consultancy and development. We take pride in collaborating closely with our clients and sharing our expertise to achieve the best possible end-product. We are able to assist your business with the complete software lifecycle from the early research and conceptualisation stages of a project to the actual design, development, testing and launch.

Software Consultancy

A strategy to fit your needs

At Initial Spark™ we like to take a consultative approach as we feel this provides 'added value' to our clients. We use our extensive technical knowledge to provide an end-to-end service, from planning all the way through to the finished product. We specialise in the following:

Feasibility & Planning

A feasibility study of your proposed project is conducted to examine the scope, objectives, costs and benefits. We advise where technology can be used to 'add value' and where it cannot. Proposed ideas are evaluated and alternative options are suggested where appropriate to determine if the project should go ahead.

Systems Integration

Systems integration can simply be defined as making independent systems function as one. Whether you wish to interface with an existing in-house system or a third party application we can architect a suitable solution.

Database Design & Development Service

We can help your business to organise and streamline data with a bespoke database solution. By analysing your business needs an appropriate database platform (open-source or commercial) can be selected and the correct way of organising, managing and distributing your data can be determined.

Software Development

Apps for mobile, web and desktop

Bespoke software solutions can help your business to reduce costs and increase productivity and efficiency through the structured automation of business processes. We offer the following application development services:

Mobile App Development

With the increased sales of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices now present a unique platform to launch applications for both businesses and consumers. To find out more about some of our specialised mobile application development services please use the links below:

Web App Development

Our experienced in-house team offer an end-to-end bespoke web application development service.

More about our web app development service

Desktop App Development

We develop rich, user-friendly desktop applications that are able to integrate with third party APIs and work offline when an Internet connection may be unavailable.

Social Media Integration

Build, share and engage

In recent years, social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have increasingly been used by businesses to engage with customers and prospects.

In our experience some of the business benefits of social media integration include:

  • A quicker dissemination of information and offers along with a more cost effective approach than traditional advertising.
  • An easier way for Twitter and Facebook users to connect without having to remember extra log in details.
  • A potential viral reach of millions as users share, comment and like raising your brand awareness, website traffic and improving your feedback.

Initial Spark™ offers deep integration with the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google APIs.

User Experience Design

We turn ideas into intituive user interfaces

The user centred design (UCD) process places the emphasis on the needs of the users of a product to ensure the product is simple to navigate, legible, ergonomic and pleasant to use.

It is important to pay particular attention to your target users to ensure they have the best possible experience using your product (e.g. a website). This encourages users to come back to the product and share their positive experience with others.

In order to assist you with creating the best possible user experience we offer the following services:

  • A/B Testing - Comparing multiple versions of a design
  • User Surveys - Gain user insights into the most effective design
  • Prototyping/Wireframes - Visualise different designs and layouts
  • User Flows - Designing how users move through a product